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There are three different ways ProLon can be ordered, each offering distinct advantages. Find the one that works best for your practice from the options presented below.

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Your Selling Options

Option 1 – Resell ProLon® in your clinic

Order ProLon to be delivered to your clinic for resale and distribution to patients. If you would prefer not to stock ProLon at your office, we can hold your inventory. Then you can ship at no charge from your inventory directly to your patients who order through your practice.

Register for ProLon.

Receive a login and password for the account.

to your account and place your order.


Option 2 – Set up your own e-commerce

We at L-Nutra are pleased to announce the introduction of the individualized new e-commerce store offered to ProLon’s valued healthcare providers. This innovative and efficient e-commerce store offers a variety of individualized benefits that make it quick and easy to launch and maintain such as:

Easy fulfillment & shipping

Automate payments

Ability to create your own full-fledged e-commerce site


Your Patient’s Purchasing Option

Patient orders ProLon®online

If you do not plan to resell ProLon to your patients, you can give your patients access to order ProLon directly from us at when you give them your HCP approval code.
Healthcare Provider (HCP):

Register for ProLon as a healthcare provider

You will be emailed a login and password for the account

Receive your HCP approval code, which you can then give to your patients to use when ordering online