LONGEVITY Storefront

WooCommerce Integration Guide

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Woocommerce Quick Implementation Guide

Before you begin, download the provided embed code that you received via email and log into your Shopify website. Note: In order to create a page on your website, you must have permissions to do so. L-Nutra is unable to provide permissions or login information for your website

Step 1: Prepare to create a new page

Step 2: Name your page

Step 3: Add the provided embed code

Step 4: Save (Publish) your work

Great, you are almost done!

Now that your new page has been created, you will need to add the page to a menu or navigation bar so your customers and patients can find the page when viewing your website. We recommend placing shop, store, or marketplace pages at the end or beginning of a menu as that is where users are more likely to look, but placement is entirely up to you. (See Step 8)

Step 5: Add your page to the navigation

Step 6: Select a menu to add your page

Step 7: Add your page to the menu

Step 8: Adjust the placement of your new menu item

That's It, You're all set!

You have completed the steps necessary to integrate the ProLon Professional Longevity Storefront on your website.

Please check your work and make sure that the embedded code and navigation menu is displaying correctly on your website.

Video Implementation Guide


Already Completed The Integration?

If you have already completed the integration of the ProLon Professional's Longevity Storefront Program on your website, please fill out the form below to request a review of your integration.

With the information provided, the L-Nutra team will check your code implementation, run a test transaction and confirm that the integration is working correctly.